id: Pauli
director: Luigi Maggi
year: 1910
country: Italy
alternative titles: Pauli, ein italienischer Verschwörer
Main Title: Pauli, ein italienischer Verschwörer (Pauli, An Italian Conspirator) [frame scan 1]. Newspaper: Gazzetta di Bologna, 23. Mai 1810: Der berüchtigte Verschwörer Pauli floh gestern aus der Festung "Tre Torri". Die Verfolgung wurde gleich mit großer Hartnäckigkeit aufgenommen und Pauli durch einen Flintenschuss verwundet. Plötzlich war er wie durch Zaubermacht verschwunden. Wie? Wohin? Es ist ein Rätsel. (The notorious conspirator Pauli escaped yesterday from "Tre Torri" Fortress. An immediate and highly persistent pursuit ensued and Pauli was wounded by a gunshot. All of a sudden, as if by magic, he disappeared. How? Where to? It's a mystery) [frame scan 2]. Getaway over the city walls. With friends. Pauli, disguised as a woman, at a masquerade ball [frame scan 3]. Pauli is guided into a banqueting hall. His girlfriend tends to his wound. Scenes in a salon [frame scans 4 & 5]. The woman brings Pauli a bunch of flowers; he draws the curtains. They kiss. The silhouette of the kissing couple is observed from outside [frame scan 6]. The father is outraged and informs the carabinieri. The police move out. On the estate, a butler has two horses ready, evidently for Pauli and his girlfriend [frame scan 7]. The police appear, the father shows them the way. Inside: the woman reaches Pauli two guns. An outdoor gun fight. The woman dies [frame scan 8]. End Title.
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 23.02.2011
Production Company: Società Anonima Ambrosio, Turin
Length: 142m
Format: 35mm, 1.33:1
Picture/Sound: coloured, silent
Notes: 'Raleigh et Robert Paris' (titles) & 'Societa Anonima Ambrosio Torino' edgecodes; German Version
This is identified in Aldo Bernardini's "Archivio del cinema italiano" as the Ambrosio production PAULI (1910):

Pauli - naz.: I - v.c. n. 5040 del 02.11.14 - m. 190 - c. pr.: Società Anonima Ambrosio, Torino.

In Austria: Pauli, ein politischer Verbrecher ((04.10 - 205 m)) - In Francia: Pauli ((03.10 - 205 m)) - In Germania: Pauli, ein italienischer Verschwörer - In Gran Bretagna: Pauli ((03.10)) - In Usa: Pauli ((19.01.10 - 700 feet))
Robert Kiss, 24.02.2011
Sorry: Collezioni online!
Teresa Antolin, 09.03.2011
Pauli, Società Ambrosio 1909-1910 (Serie Oro) 190 m.

See on Collecioni online, Museo Nazionale del Cinema Torino:
Teresa Antolin, 09.03.2011
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