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Marizza, genannt die Schmuggler-Madonna
director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
years: 1921/ 1922
country: Germany
A fragment of this film survived in a private collection in Italy. However, according to Vittorio Martinelli, who has seen it and knows the owner, it cannot be accessed.
Martin Koerber, Deutsche Kinemathek, 12.01.2008
Is this the same fragment that has been restored by the Cineteca Nazionale in Italy and screened at Pordenone in 2010? That fragment (approximately 13 minutes long, with Italian intertitles) apparently corresponds to the first reel of the film.
Roger Skarsten, 06.10.2010
It is the same fragment.
Massimiliano Rossi, film archivist, 09.05.2015
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