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director: Urban Gad
years: 1914/ 1916
countries: Germany, Denmark
Young Lotte is badly treated by her foster family. The only light in her life is a woman of privileged background, who regularly invites Lotte to her home and takes care of her. The woman turns out to be the girl’s actual mother. Her husband, with whom she has had two other daughters, is not supposed to find out about her illegitimate child. When she asks her husband for money to buy clothes for Lotte, however, a scandal ensues. Her husband rejects her and from then on the proud woman is forced to live alone with the once secret child. The other two daughters take sides with Lotte and their beloved mother, and in the end the family comes back together.
Adapted from sources presented on this website
Screenplay: Urban Gad.
Director of Photography: Axel Graatkjær, Karl Freund (?).
Cast: Max Landa (van Harten), Asta Nielsen (Lotte).
Production Company: Projektions-AG 'Union' (PAGU), Berlin.
Producer: Paul Davidson.
Studio: Union-Atelier Berlin-Tempelhof.
Initial Distributor: Nordische Film Co. GmbH, Berlin.
Length: 3 reels, 1038 m; after censorship 1922: 3 reels, 846 m.
Format: 35 mm, 1:1.33.
Picture/Sound: b/w, silent.
Censorship details: 8 Sept 1915,, ban for young people; 10 Oct 1922, B.06616, ban for young people.
Première: 1 Dec 1916, Germany.
Copyright Holder: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, Wiesbaden
Adapted and enlarged from:
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A 10m fragment of this film was discovered in the collection of the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. The discovery came about as a result of the Danish Film Institute's project to locate all the surviving films featuring Asta Nielsen, which took place over 2005/2006. The project was announced in the 69th Journel of Film Preservation, published by FIAF in May 2005, and on the Danish Film institute's website. Two frame scans taken from this fragment are presented here. Thanks to Thomas Christensen, Danish Film Instsitute, for providing the information and scans.
Oliver Hanley, Deutsche Kinemathek, 16.02.2009
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