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Die Prinzessin und der Geiger
director: Graham Cutts
year: 1925
countries: UK, Germany
alternative titles: The Blackguard

This film is considered found
'The Blackguard' was a coproduction of the British Gainsborough Pictures Ltd. and the German Ufa. It was shot in July 1924 or from November 1924 till January 1925 - there are different information in the books - in the Ufa-studios of Neubabelsberg (Berlin). Graham Cutts directed the film and Alfred Hitchcock was responsible for writing and production design and he also was Cutts assistant director. Unfortunately there is no copy of the film left and only a few stills still exist.

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Annika Milz, Deutsche Kinemathek
This film was added to the original Lost Films Wiki. However, the BFI's National Film and Television Archive holds a 35mm print of length 6525ft, which was screened during the Hitchcock retrospective at the 18th Pordenone Silent Film Festival in Sacile, Italy, in October 1999. According to its list of films produced in 1925, the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv also holds film material related to this title. The list does not give any information concerning this material, however.
Oliver Hanley, Deutsche Kinemathek
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