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The Mountain Eagle
director: Alfred Hitchcock
years: 1926/ 1927
countries: UK, Germany
alternative titles: Der Bergadler
Source notes
Deutsche Kinemathek, 16.04.2008
Hitchcocks second film was a coproduction of Gainsborough Pictures Ltd. (London) and Emelka (Munich). It was shot in December 1925 and January 1926 in the Alpes of Tyrol and in the Orbis-Atelier Gründwald near Munich.

"The Mountain Eagle" is lost, but some stills still exist. 34 of them are printed in "Hitchcock's Notebooks" by Dan Auiler page 6 till 11.

Producer: Michael Balcon

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Writers: Eliot Stannard, Max Ferner

Story: Charles Lapworth

Cinematographer: Gaetano di Ventimiglia

Production Design: Ludwig and Willy Reiber


Nita Naldi - Beatrice

Malcolm Keen - John Fulton

Bernhard Goetzke - Mr. Pettigrew

William John Hamilton - Edward Pettigrew

Release Dates:

6 May 1926 Munich

27 May 1926 Berlin (Schauburg)

25 May 1927 London


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by Annika Milz, Deutsche Kinemathek
Annika Milz, Deutsche Kinemathek, 12.08.2008
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