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Jolly Tars
director: Norman Taurog
year: 1926
country: USA
history notes: Unidentified Film No. 001
alternative titles: Amerikanische Marine-Groteske

This film has been identified thanks to contributions from members of the Lost FIlms community.
Short synopsis: Slapstick adventures of a sailor on an American warship.

Sailors eating.
IT: 'Es schmeckt wirklich wunderbar!' ('It tastes delicious!')
Sailor [leading actor, frame scan 1] sees his vis-à-vis blurred. Takes his pulse. The captain comes along.
IT: 'Kerl! - Willst Du wohl essen?!!' ('Chap! - Will you eat something?!!'
The captain also eats and becomes dizzy himself. The sailor leans at the rail. The other warships stagger. The cook comes along:
IT: 'Hier ist Dein Kuchen, Kamerad!'
('Here's your cake, mate!')
Exercising. Sailors try to look alive
[frame scan 2, with the leading actor in the line].
IT: 'Das Gewehr - über!!'
('Shoulder arms!!')
The sailors behave very clumsily; one of them spins out his bayonet repeatedly towards the face of the leading actor [frame scan 3].
IT: 'Laß mir mein Gesicht, Kamerad! - - Ich habe nur das eine.'
('Leave me my face, buddy! - - I've just got this one.')
The clumsy sailor doesn't react.
IT: 'Präsentiert das Gewehr!'
('Present arms!')
The captain [frame scan 4] comes along. Towards the leading actor:
IT: 'Siehst Du die Schießscheibe dort??'
('Can you see the target over there??')
A big wooden wall on a pontoon at sea.
IT: '- - hinrudern - verankern - - aber Vorsicht vor den Haifischen!!'
('- - row there - anchor - - but beware of the sharks!!')
A dinghy is launched; the leading actor rows to the pontoon while the dinghy fills up steadily with water. He makes it to the pontoon alive. There is a box with the inscription 'Repair Kit'. Unfortunately, the warships start firing at the pontoon and bit by bit shoot away all parts of the target. In the end, they fire a torpedo, which luckily shoots through the vessel and carries both the leading actor and the cook piggyback into the distance. Fade-out.
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 20.10.2008
Length: 168m
Format: 35mm, 1:1.33
Picture/Sound: coloured, silent
Notes: 'Agfa' edgecode; German version
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The beginning of the film is probably missing, as the fade-out suggests that this is the end bit of the film.
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 20.10.2008
The leading actor is Lloyd Hamilton (frame 1). His character-name was in the twenties "Ham".
Kurutz Marton, 08.01.2009
This film is JOLLY TARS (Educational Pictures released August 29, 1926) . The creepy looking first mate is Dick Sutherland
richard roberts, 18.01.2009
Phil Dunham is standing next to hamilton in the line-up, Henry Murdoch is standing next to Phil Dunham
richard roberts, 18.01.2009
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