The Films
The Gulf Between
director: Wray Bartlett Physioc
year: 1917
country: USA
produced by the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation
starring Grace Darmond, Niles Welch, Herbert Fortier
feature film, silent, color
Dirk Alt, 15.02.2009
Source notes
Dirk Alt, 15.02.2009
Very short fragments from the film survive at the Margaret Herrick Library, George Eastman House and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History Photography Dept. These fragments are all from printing tests made for Technicolor process #2 cemented positive.

Images from the George Eastman House fragments are published in the Colour Plates section of FILM HISTORY, vol. 21, no 1, (2009),
James Layton, East Anglian Film Archive, 31.12.2009
"The Gulf Between" has been the first and only feature-length film using the Technicolor process number one which was an additive two-color process (red and green) similar to its predecessor, the British Kinemacolor process.
Supposedly, only a few frames of the film survive.
Dirk Alt, 15.02.2009
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