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A Fair Lady by the Blue Lagoon
director: Esther Eng
year: 1947
country: USA
alternative titles: Blue Jade
According to the HK Film Archive's filmography covering 1913-41 and as paraphrased here re the film'sn 1949 release in HK: this love story spans more than a decade in the lives of an émigré engineer and a widowed primary-school teacher, a tragedy set in a small town by a lake, filmed in beautiful California locations.
Frank Bren, 23.02.2010
Cantonese-language feature shot in colour/16mm. Directed by Eng (Ng Kam-ha) for San Francisco-based Grandview Film Company Limited. Produced by Chiu Shu-sun (Joseph Sunn) with a cast headed by Siu Fei-fei aka Fe Fe Lee (teacher) and the "Chinese Clark Gable", Liu Kei-wai (engineer) - also with Tang Pui or Dung Pui (the "Chinese Spencer Tracy"), Wong Hok-sing, Wong Kam-lung, Mary Yip, Tsi-yau Chung and others.
Frank Bren, 23.02.2010
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Frank Bren, 23.02.2010
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[Title in pinyin: Lanhu Biyu.] Esther Eng/Ng Kam-ha (1914-1970) was one of Chinese cinema's greatest female directors - oddly, an American too. This is one of her ten lost films (nine of them as director). For a long time, I've been developing a feature project on Esther Eng's life and would love to hear of anything new on her films via . See also on this only known American woman directing commercial movies between the Hollywood careers of Dorothy Arzner and Ida Lupino.
Also a famous New York restaurateur, hers is one of the strangest disappearing acts in film history. Central/South America offers reasonable hope for rediscovering movies that she distributed there (maybe her own too) in the 1940s, including to Havana, Cuba. Detailed portraits of her appear in "China Daily" (HK English edition) of 23/24 January 2010 and "Women of China" (Beijing, June 2006, English edition). See
Frank Bren, 23.02.2010
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