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director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
year: 1920
country: Germany
alternative titles: Bajazzo, Die Leidensgeschichte eines Künstlers, Die Tragödie eines Tänzers
Ivan, a Russian violinist, has wound up in Switzerland. One day he receives an invitation from a distant relative, Princess Wirsky, to be her guest back in Russia. To finance the trip, Ivan takes a job with the revolutionaries who are plotting a conspiracy against the Grand Prince. He brings a message to a man in Moscow, and immediately falls in love with the man’s daughter Marja. Marja’s father loves Princess Wirsky, however, and wants to betray the revolutionaries. The Princess, meanwhile, falls in love with Ivan, and out of jealousy has Marja sent to Siberia. Ivan then strangles the Princess, and spends the rest of his life pining for the lost Marja, whom he had never kissed. When he one day hears of Marja’s death, he commits suicide.
Translated from:
Screenplay: Carl Heinz Járosy; based on the manuscript 'Der nie geküsste Mund'.
Director of Photography: Carl Hoffmann.
Set Design: Robert Neppach.
Costumes: Modehaus Charles Drecoll.
Cast: Albert Bennefeld, Ellen Bolan (a dancer), Paul Graetz, Helene Gray, Marcella Gremo, Danny Gürtler, Gussy Holl (Russian Princess), Eugen Klöpfer, Margarete Schlegel (Marja), Conrad Veidt (Ivan, a young Russian).
Production Company: Mosch-Film, Richard Mosch & Co, Berlin (?); Lipow-Film, Berlin (?).
Producer: Richard Mosch.
Format: 35 mm, 1:1.33.
Picture/Sound: b/w, silent.
Length: 5 acts, 1765 m.
Censorship Details: 18 Oct 1920, B.00597, 5 acts, ban for young people.
Première: (?)
Adapted and enlarged from:
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