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The Terror
director: Roy del Ruth
year: 1928
country: USA
alternative titles: /
On August 15th, 1928, Warner Brothers released it’s second all talking picture “The Terror”, starring May McAvoy and Edward Everett Horton. MaAvoy is somewhat remembered for her role in 1927’s “The Jazz Singer”, although she had no talking scenes in it. The story was about The Terror, a criminal who stole and murdered.
Charlie Nately, 20.04.2012
Edward Everett Horton, May McAvoy
Charlie Nately, 20.04.2012
Source notes
Charlie Nately, on 20.04.2012
Horton, the great comic actor who appeared in a ton of films in the 1930’s, played a smart undercover detective trying to catch the Terror. It was quite a different role than you’d expect from his usual work. So, I think it would be very entertaining to see Horton’s performance.
The picture was directed by Roy Del Ruth, who began his career writing jokes for Mack Sennett. He made his way to Warner Brother directing crime dramas, then on to M-G-M specializing in their signature musicals. The soundtrack to this film exists.
Charlie Nately, 20.04.2012
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