id: Unidentified Film No. 012
director: Unknown
year: 1927
country: Unknown
alternative titles: Ankunft des Toten zu Kiew und Begräbnis des Geheimen Staatssekretärs Genossen JBAHOBA
Short synopsis: Funeral of the Secret State Secretary Ivanova (?), probably in Kiev in 1927.

A crowd of people waiting at a station. Numerous floral wreaths. A train arrives. A coffin in a half-open wagon. View from above: Funeral procession. Funeral procession in a small village. Mourners leave a prestigious building. The coffin is carried out of the building. Flags. The coffin is put on a carriage. Funeral procession with a band in the streets of Kiev [frame scan 4]. A large city. The entrance to the cemetery is covered in black. The open grave. The grave, decorated with flowers. Fade-out.
Length: 118m
Format: 35mm, 1:1.33
Picture/Sound: coloured, silent
Notes: 'Kodak' (with octagonal star) edgecode; Russian titles.
The title notes are not in Russian, but Ukrainian. For instance, in Still 1 Kyiv (Kiev) is spelled in Ukrainian, not Russian.
In still 3, the date of 16 June, 1927 is in Ukrainian, not Russian (the names of months are completely different in Ukrainian and Russian).
In still 5, building is written in Ukrainian, not Russian (again, totally different words).
In still 5, body is spelled in Ukrainian, not Russian.
Andrew Saporoschenko, 08.07.2010
The film apparently is related to Andriy Ivanov who died in 1927, see
Ralf Buelow, 20.08.2011
Since the still location is Ukraine and the title language is Ukrainian, it is likely the film was made at either the Odesa (Odessa) Film Studio or the Kyiv Film Studio of the 1920s.
Andrew Saporoschenko, 08.07.2010
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