id: Unidentified Film No. 013
director: Unknown
year: 1925?
country: Unknown
alternative titles: Mord
Short synopsis: A girl discovers a murdered body and notifies the Federal Hunting Agency.

Three men at the edge of a field. One of them changes his clothes. A windmill in the background. / Mother and daughter (?) enter a relatively big garden house. Scared to death, the girl runs out, towards the camera until her face is in close up [frame scan]

IT: Mord!! Mord!! (Murder! Murder!) / Das Mädchen klopft an die Tür des Landjägeramtes. Polizist schwingt sich auf sein Fahrrad. (The girl knocks at the door of the Federal Hunting Agency. A policeman gets on his bike.) / Polizist kommt bei der Laube an, vor der sich bereits einige Gaffer (Landbevölkerung) versammelt haben. Der Polizist verscheucht die Gafer. (A policeman arrives at the garden house, where some curious onlookers (rural population) have already gathered. The policeman chases them away.)
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 22.10.2008
Length: 36m
Format: 35mm, 1:1.33
Picture/Sound: b/w, silent
Notes: Three lines marked repeatedly on edge of film; German version.
The three lines are "gate signatures" of motion picture printers; holes cut in the gate that will print an identifying mark onto the duplicated element, so the quality control department can identify the actual printer used to make the element. Most helpful if you suddenly get a field illumination problem showing up in a few prints...
Frank Wylie, 11.08.2010
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