id: Unidentified Film No. 046
director: Unknown
year: 1920
country: Germany
alternative titles: Fragment eines Films mit Reinhold Schünzel
A clock strikes 12! - A man with a pistol and a scared couple [frame scan 1]. The man flees, when he sees the silhouette of a man in a tail coat and top hat behind a glass door. - Villains conduct a prisoner, whose torso is hidden beneath a cover, toward their boss. Medium Close-up: They pull the cover away and the prisoner and the leader of the gangsters stand opposite each other, face to face [frame scan 2]. The leader pulls out a pistol from a bag. - Outside, at the edge of a factory (?). In the background stacked railway sleepers, in the foreground a wooden fence. A detective, together with his dog, bids farewell to two men (factory owners? Portiers or guards?), who clearly could not help him. The detective talks to another employee in uniform. - A man gloats over a woman (verbally). However, the detective approaches in the background. - A clock tower strikes 12! - The man looks in the pocket of his discarded jacket for the pistol but does not find it, as the detective had removed it shortly earlier. The detective points to the man and asks the woman a question, which she answers negatively… perhaps because the man still poses a threat… [frame scan 3] The detective becomes thoughtful and turns. The man seizes the pistol and aims it at the detective. Now the woman also has a pistol in her hand and she shoots the man, who collapses hit.
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 03.12.2008
Cast: Max Landa, Reinhold Schünzel
Format: 35mm, 1.33:1
Picture/Sound: coloured, silent
Length: 59m
Notes: 'Agfa' (flat 'A') edgecode (in one short sequence only)
Yes, it's DIE BANDITEN VON ASNIÈRES. This film is based on a detective novel written by Sven Elvestad; its German title is "Die Zwei und die Dame". The scenes described above fit the novel perfectly, especially the last one.
Mischa von Perger, 14.03.2020
Film fragment without main title or inter-titles. The detective is played by Max Landa. It could be the film "Mitternacht" (Midnight) (1920) by E.A. Dupont – Max Landa's second adventure. However, there are a few other films from this period featuring both Schünzel and Landa together.
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 03.13.2008
Die Darsteller auf Bild Nr.1 sind von links: Ferdinand von
Alten, Hilde Wörner und Schünzel. Kommt Max Landa
noch hinzu ergibt das den Film "Die Banditen von As-
Werner Mohr, 13.03.2015
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