id: Unidentified Film No. 139
director: Unknown
year: 1910
country: France
alternative titles: Besuch beim Kunstmaler
Scene in a painter's studio. A naked woman poses for a painter [frame scan 1]. He sends her away. A second woman enters the studio, undresses and poses with a spear and bow following the painter's instructions [frame scan 2]. He sends her away. A third woman enters the studio, undresses and poses. A well-to-do couple enters the studio to see the painter's picture – a reclining nude. The naked woman hides behind a folding screen, where she stands snickering and laughing [frame scan 3] until the husband discovers her, then sits by her and hugs her [frame scan 4]! The wife subsequently discovers her unfaithful husband and the woman behind the screen. In the final scene, the husband begs his wife's forgiveness! End title (green).
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 16.09.2009
Length: 144m
Format: 35mm, 1.19:1 (originally 1.33:1)
Picture/Sound: b/w, silent (with blank sound column)
Notes: Duplicated in sound format; Main title has been replaced, 1960's style; No intertitles.
Probably not a Saturn-Film since there's no Saturn logo visible in the scenery. Possibly a French production.
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 16.09.2009
Filmarchiv Austria apparently has a shorter copy of this same film in their possession and consider it to be a Saturn Film dating from 1908. It has the feeling of a Saturn-Film, but as was previously stated it does not have a visible logo.
George Bonsall, 21.11.2013
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