id: Unidentified Film No. 196
director: Unknown
year: 1912?
country: Unknown
Information on can: Serial Indetermine, 1912
Tinted and toned silent print, no edgecode.

Intertitles in French and Dutch, no opening or closing credits; fragment only.

Plot synopsis:
A woman awakens from sleep to find a man (robber?) crouched on the floor. Suddenly, two doctors enter her room and the girl (overcome by emotion) tells the doctor the value of the pieces in her house. The doctor responds by telling her to "Rest...I'm in charge." She does, but awakens again to find more valuables stolen. She tries to grab something from her nightstand, but again more men enter her room. Meanwhile "An accomplice has to flee while taking the suitcase that contains the plans." The doctor is waiting downstairs in the parlor.
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