id: L'onore del casato
director: Unknown
year: 1912
country: Italy
alternative titles: За честь семьи
Russian title - "За честь семьи" (For the Honor of the Family). Produced by Societa Anonima Ambrosio. Russian intertitles.
Peter Bagrov, 16.10.2010
Source notes
Peter Bagrov, 16.10.2010
What happen's with this page ? It is lost on the Lost Films website ! If another guy have other info or recognizes this movie into his achive, now it is impossible !
Teresa Antolin, 24.11.2010
This film was found on the attic of a country house near St. Petersburg, Russia. It has been handed over to Gosfilmofond.
Peter Bagrov, 16.10.2010
It's not "lost". It, along with all the other films identified so far, can be accessed from the main "Identify" page by clicking where it says "Click to view films identified by members of the Lost Films website" at the bottom of the page. We consider this preferrable as leaving the thumbnail visible amongst the unidentified films on the mainpage leads to overcrowding and casual users may overlook those films still in greater need of identification.
Oliver Hanley, Deutsche Kinemathek, 24.11.2010
It looks like you're absolutely right. Thank you! I was just going to post the plot, when I saw your comment. The story is identical (besides the names - but that was the usual practice in Russia), and so are the stills. Are there any copies of this film in Italy (or anywhere else)? The one found in Russia is 362,3 meters long. Certainly some shots are missing, but the whole story is distinct and comprehensible. The copy is partially tinted
Peter Bagrov, 21.11.2010
I think that the film is this:
L'onore del casato, Serie Oro Ambrosio 1912
Teresa Antolin, 20.11.2010
I see, sorry, thanks Oliver.
Teresa Antolin, 30.11.2010
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