id: Unidentified Film No. 203
director: Unknown
year: Unknown
country: Germany
Comedy/Romance. Two sisters Else and Hansi plot to ruin their father's plans to force Else into marriage with the wealthy Hugo Lehmann. The younger sister Hansi devises a plan to ruin their father's opinion of Hugo so that Else can be with her secret older lover, Max Kruse. Hansi convinces her father and Max to go hunting together by spreading rumours of a wild monkey. Meanwhile she fools Hugo into venturing into the forest with a fake lover letter from Else. Hugo arrives at the meeting place described in the letter, only to be caught in carefully placed fox trap. Humiliated, Hugo has to be rescued by the father and Max. The three men set off on a hunt together. The injured Hugo takes a break, while the father and Max continue on together and begin to bond. While Hugo eats his lunch Hansi sneaks up on him and sets a dog upon him. The two roll around on the ground, and the father and Max have to come to Hugo's aid once again. Unimpressed, the father realizes that Hugo is not such a good match for Else after all, and having got to know Max during the hunt, allows Else to be with him instead. Meanwhile, he decides that the Hugo is much better suited to his younger daughter Hansi.

Cast (according to intertitle): Max Kaufmann as Max Kruse, Hugo Fischer-Köppe as Hugo Lehmann, Julietta Brandt as Eine Erzieherin (Plättbrett).
(Despite being the main characters, Else and Hansi are not listed in the cast credits)

No Edgemarks or production marks.

Submitted by EYE Film Institute Netherlands
Suzan Crommelin, EYE Film Institute Netherlands, 12.11.2010
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