id: Unidentified Film No. 205
director: Mack Sennett?
years: 1913?, 1924?
country: USA
b/w mos print, fragment only.
Information per can: Unid. Bathing Beauties, Mack Sennett, 1924.
Information per leader: Sennett Bathing Beauties, 1913.
Plot synopsis:
A man sneaks into a tent, with a cop on his tail. The mustached man runs into a room, and falls on a pillow full of pins that stick on his rear end. He screams and runs into a room with Sennett(?) bathing beauties who help him remove the pins. He then decides to take pictures of the girls posing. Meanwhile the cop runs into the room and catches them.
The lead comic with the brush moustache and bowl haircut is Hank Mann. This could be one of his late 'teen shorts for Mack Sennett or Fox, or from his early 1920s starring series for Arrow.
Steve Massa, 24.11.2010
I've uploaded a photo from a 1920 pressbook for Hank Mann's series for Arrow Comedies that has Hank and the girls looking through the curtain and set of this film. So now we know this is one of his Arrow Comedies, but the next question is which one? The pressbook list 13 titles (and promises 13 more). Of the 13 titles mentioned I've seen BROKEN BUBBLES, THE PAPER HANGER, A GUM RIOT, A ROAMING ROMEO, THE BILL POSTER, NAUGHTY NURSES and it isn't one of these. So it could be A BASHFUL BLACKSMITH, LEAP YEAR, THE LOST DETECTIVE, THE COY COPPER, THE PLUMBER, THE NICKEL SNATCHER or DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE.

Hopefully more research will lead to a specific title.
Steve Massa, 25.11.2010
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