id: Unidentified Film No. 229
director: Unknown
year: 1921
country: Unknown
Boxing comedy. Kodak stock. Edge code: triangle-triangle [1921].
Yes, I took too quick a look at this one - It's definitely Marcel Perez. In addition to Martin Kinney, the guy with the moustache is Pierre Collosse and the little guy with the lillies is Billy Moran. Because of their presence I think this is one of his Yonkers NY-made Reelcraft comedies. One of those is titled THE KNOCKOUT ('21) and the 8/13/1921 Moving Picture World describes it as:

"Burlesque of the Demspey-Carpentier championship bout."
Steve Massa, 17.06.2011
The skinny fellow wearing the top hat in the second scan is character actor Martin Kinney. Don't recognize anyone else.
Steve Massa, 22.02.2011
The comedian in the robe is Marcel "Tweedy" Perez. I am sure Mr. Massa will now agree.
Steve Rydzewski, 18.03.2011
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