id: Unidentified Film No. 230
director: Unknown
year: Unknown
country: USA?
This MIGHT be a Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse cartoon. This is an approx. 150’ fragment (in 7 pieces), Gevaert Belgium edgecode, no intertitles or titles.

Plot synopsis:
A baby gets out of bed and into mischief with several mice and a cat. The mother? Seems to sleep-walk and get awakened by the mice, before they trip her.
This is a movie of Otto Messmer, released between 1920 and 1926, probably "Felix Minds the Kid"??
Thomas Städeli, 03.01.2012
The cartoon is Bud and Susie in KITCHEN BEDROOM AND BATH (1921), from Paramount Magazine #3954.

From the copyright synopsis: "Back to Bud's mother - goes to the bureau drawer - mouse jumps out suddenly, frightening her - she jumps up and down in terror [still 2] - the first mouse calls for help - a mouse brings a rope and they make the lady jump the rope - finally she faints [still 3, with left mouse still holding rope]
...[The cat] chases the mouse into the bathroom [still 4] - but the mouse squirts water at [the cat] and runs out..."
David Gerstein, 18.11.2014
Should be a film starring Felix the Cat as described here:
Ralf Buelow, 20.08.2011
I know this isn't "Felix Minds The Kid"; it's on Youtube in its entirety. This doesn't look to be a genuine Otto Messmer, maybe a knockoff. The cat's body is too elongated to be Felix, and the bow appears to be this cat's identifying trademark. (Unlike Felix.) Apparently, a lot of imitators rode on Felix's coattails in the 20's.
Luke Bailey, 10.12.2012
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