id: Unidentified Film No. 233
director: Unknown
year: 1928
country: Unknown
A society party where they play blind man's bluff. They ask Susie to sing and then make fun of her. Tommy leaves the party and apparently breaks up a robbery at his friend's store but then pursues the robbers. Others arrive and assume Tommy was the one that broke into the store. He returns and everything is cleared up. Other character name: Virginia. License plate has 1928 date, as does a check that is being written.
In the first scan the man with the glasses is comic Eddie Dunn, and the woman with him is Ella McKenzie. Don't have any idea on the film though. Dunn's career goes back to Vitagraph in the 'teens, and in the late 1920s he went to Callifornia working for comedian Charlie Bowers. In 1929 he'd become a regular at the Hal Roach studio.
Steve Massa, 22.02.2011
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