id: Unidentified Film No. 237
director: Unknown
year: ca. 1925
country: USA
alternative titles: Kino Gags
Fragment of an American comedy from the mid-1920's, here depicting the adventures of an inept cinema projectionist. New York upside down and moving backwards. A dog stands on its head. Four children stand on their heads atop their cinema seats. An audience member moves their legs out of the way [frame scan 1]. Commotion in the cinema. A multitude of films lying loose in the projection room [frame scan 2]. The cinema owner scolds the projectionist [frame scan 3], who only now turns his head to see what's happening on the screen [frame scans 4&5]. An incoming train, upside down. The owner kicks the projectionist. Slide: "One moment... while we change..." [frame scan 6] German IT: "Eine Minute Pause wegen Aktwechsels." (One minute break due to reel changeover) The projectionist searches for the correct reel amidst the mountain of films [frame scan 7]. Audience members protest at the entrance [frame scan 8].
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 23.02.2011
Length: 24m
Format: 35mm, 1.33:1
Picture/Sound: b/w, silent
Notes: No main title; German intertitles
The harried projectionist is James Parrott (a.k.a. Paul Parrott). After his early 1920s series for Hal Roach, Parrott went over to Fox studios for a few 1924 shorts like ADEEP SEA PANIC where he appeared without his usual moustache. I think this is from that group. I'll the check reviews and see if I can find a synopsis that has him working in a movie theatre. The old man in the scans is William Courtright who played Uncle Bernal in Laurel & Hardy's THAT'S MY WIFE ('29).
Steve Massa, 24.02.2011
its Are Parents Pickles? as this is a a parody of Are Parent's People?
TheMovieReviewer MrCarson, 15.10.2021
its Are Parents Pickles? as this is a a parody of Are Parent's People?
TheMovieReviewer MrCarson, 15.10.2021
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