id: Unidentified Film No. 240
director: Unknown
year: ca. 1912
country: France
alternative titles: Anstrengende Werbung um riesige(n) Braut(erich)
Parents and their very tall and strong daughter - played by a man - at dinner. In the middle of the table sits her suitor, to whom all kinds of woes come to pass [frame scan 1; the suitor on the right]. First he takes a long nail out of his shoe then sets his foot in the dog bowl. Unperturbed he takes off his sock and puts it in his bag. The giant daughter's hug is like a stranglehold [frame scan 2].
IT: Ein wenig Spiritismus. (A Touch of Spiritualism)
The company knocks over the table. One table leg was, however, already broken. Outdoors. The master of the house aims at a target, which is held up heroically by the suitor [frame scan 3]. He falls backwards through the glass roof of a greenhouse [frame scan 4]. The giant daughter carries the man into the bedroom. He wakes up [frame scan 5] and fondles everyone [frame scan 6]. As a result, the master of the house informs him in writing: "Nachdem ich Ihren Charakter geprüft habe, gebe ich Ihnen meine Tochter mit 5000 Kronen Mitgift. - Kasper." (Having judged your character, I hand you over my daughter together with a 5000 Kronen dowry. - Kaspar) [frame scan 7]
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 24.02.2011
Production Company: Pathé Frères, Paris
Length: 72m
Format: 35mm, 1.33:1
Picture/Sound: partially coloured, silent
Notes: 'Pathé frères 14 rue Favart Paris' edgecode; IT tinted orange; Main title missing, German IT & insert
The plot is the same as in PÉNARD EST FIANCÉ (France 1912). See the website of the "Fondation Jérome
Seydoux-Pathé", Pathé-film no. 5401. Pénard, the main character of the series, was played by Louis-Jacques Boucot, but I don't know what he looked like.
Mischa von Perger, 10.08.2011
Identification corfirmed. The German title was MULICKE IST VERLOBT.
A foto of Louis Boucot can be found here:
Jeanpaul Goergen, 20.10.2011
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