id: Unidentified Film No. 246
director: Unknown
year: ca. 1920
country: Unknown
alternative titles: Miss Ketty (Print Title)
Synopsis: Miss Ketty is an English dancer who works at the Folies-Bergères in Paris, she is in love with the young writer André Laroze. André's mother finds a letter from Ketty and finds out they intend to get engaged. She is against them marrying because a dancer is unworthy for her son. Ketty has an act in which she dresses as a man. The mother sends Mr. Ballotiere, the uncle and warden of André, to the theater. He is first confused, but then impressed by Ketty and thinks of a plan in which Ketty will go into service as a housekeeper with mother. But Ketty is not so agile in housekeeping as she is in dancing, so this is a disaster. The same day the mother goes to visit Ketty and this time Ketty fools her by pretending a doll is a baby. The idea of her son having a child makes the mother change her mind.

Title on print: Miss Ketty
Country: Unknown; in Eye database: France, but looks more like: Germany, Austria or Scandinavian country.
Length: 2 reels; 570 meters

Submitted by EYE Film Institute Netherlands
Suzan Crommelin, EYE Film Institute Netherlands, 21.03.2011
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