id: Unidentified Film No. 255
director: Unknown
year: Unknown
country: Unknown
B/W mos print, AGFA edgecode, no opening credits, French intertitles. Plot synopsis:
In a crazy house/restaurant, suspicious-looking waiters and a cigarette girl tend to their customers. Meanwhile Mulflah Bey, a conspirator awaits upstairs and talks things over with his men. They mention the cigarette girl and a princess (maybe she is one?). Downstairs chaos breaks loose with waiters and customers and a chase ensues all over town (including a double-decker bus). Everyone ends up on the beach including Mulflah and the cigarette girl/princess.

Could this be part of “The Princess From Hoboken” (1927)?
The comic in the second frame grab is Charles King, and there's no Bobby Ray in sight.

richard roberts, 25.10.2011
Our main title says:
W. Ray Johnston presents A RAYART-RADIANT COMEDY
Produced by Anchor Film distributors,
Morris R. Schlank, Pres.
Copyright 1926,

First title card reads:
The Bilkmore Cafe -
where they give the chickens ice water so they
won't lay hard boiled eggs.

A waiter - so dumb he thinks bacteria is the back door
to cafeteria.

Towards the end of the film (around image 6) the kidnapper says
"There is the boat that will take you back home to Turkey."

Upon which she answers
"The nearest I've ever been to Turkey is Thanksgiving"

He replies: "Let me see your birthmark", pulls an unhappy face
and throws the girl off the cliff.

Our film runs about 23 minutes (@18f/s). The main hero (in the scans 1 and 7)
doesnt look like Bobby Ray to me, as Ray was blond with straight hair.
Elif Rongen, 11.06.2011
Hi, we have exactly the same film. Our print has english intertitles and carries
a main title, introdcuing the film as HOWDY JUDGE (1926) starring Bobby Ray.
However, I am not convinced that this is the real title of the film (nor that one of
the actors would be Bobby Ray). On the other hand, we rarely have films with
english intertitles, and the idea that a wrong english main title would be attached
to the film in the Netherlands seems rather unlikely.
Anyway, we would also like to get a confirmation on the identification of this film,
so looking forward to your comments.
A few days later, I can try posting some stills from our film.
Elif Rongen, 11.06.2011
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