id: Unidentified Film No. 257
director: Unknown
year: Unknown
country: Unknown
Tinted and toned mos print, no edgecode, with “CHICAGO FILMS – B.P.S.L.” on intertitle cards. All intertitles are in French. Title card: “LA JOLIE PECHEUSE DE NEWPORT.”
Plot synopsis: Concerns the story of Ellen, the fiancée of John Cunny living in a fishing village. Ellen gets swept off her feet by the dashing Harry Milton and they run away (on a boat) together. Ellen leaves Jim and her parents a note, asking for forgiveness, but the whole village goes after them. The runaway couple has troubles at sea, and Ellen returns home to her true love.
THIS IS NOT A LOST FILM. This is "La Jolie pêcheuse de Newport" from 1912.
American movie with French titles. Maybe Canadian?
Total running time 10'11''.

Lobsterfilms with its great collection has it in its archves. Exactly the story from above.
And Objectif Cinema states that it was shown on the "L'Etrange Festival" - a french film festival since 1993.
Tark Devon, 09.08.2015
The Nitrate Film Interest Group already identified the original title but did not update this page: it si "The Lass of Gloucester" from 1912
Tark Devon, 09.08.2015
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