id: Unidentified Film No. 258
director: Unknown
year: Unknown
country: Unknown
B/W mos dupe neg, French intertitles, Gevaert Belgium edgecode. Opening credits “UN AVENTURE DANS L’ILE MYSTERIOUSE.”
Plot synopsis:
A girl’s parents want her to get married to ‘Mr. Granubide’ (short heavy-set man), but she has her sight set on ‘Mr. Letournot’ a professor-type. ‘Mr. Granubide’ comes by, but she barely looks up from her magazine, but instantly perks up when ‘Mr. Letournot’ comes over. Letournot has a fascination with reading and catching insects (walks around with a butterfly net). He climbs out a window and bids farewell to his love and gets on a ship for an adventure. Soon, the boat springs a leak and he and the crew are forced overboard where they end up on a mysterious island. There, Letournot sees beautiful maidens beckoning him and a little too much wildlife for his taste. Suddenly, he’s back in his love’s room, reading “SOUTH SEA ISLAND ADVENTURES,” the whole thing was a daydream! He grabs his girl and they decide to take a rowboat across a lake.
Guy in the horn-rim specs is comedian EDDIE BARRY. The unshaven guy looking into the camera is GARY ODELL. This is from the early 1920s.
Steve Rydzewski, 25.05.2015
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