id: Unidentified Film No. 261
director: Unknown
year: Unknown
country: Unknown
Tinted mos print, no edgecode, no intertitles, missing hundreds of feet at both heads and tails including all opening and closing credits. Information on can: (Jimmy Aubrey Indetermine).
Plot synopsis: Jimmy's character is at the racetrack watching a horse race. He irritates the crowd and is thrown out by a policeman. He tries to get on a trolley, but somehow ends up with a blonde in a car. The car breaks down and they are stranded by a "Garage - 12 Miles" sign. Another man comes along to pick up the blonde and Jimmy is left pulling the car by a rope. He ends up on a rope on the edge of a cliff and the blonde and her rescuer rescue Jimmy.
the comic is Jimmy Aubrey, the heavyset guy next to him at the recatrack looks like Walter Hiers.

richard roberts, 27.11.2012
Officially Aubrey & Hiers only worked together in "A Simple Sap". And this is def. not "A Simple Sap"
Tark Devon, 09.08.2015
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