id: Unidentified Film No. 263
director: Unknown
year: 1919/1920
country: Unknown
This is a b/w and tinted mos print, French titles and intertitles “BILL FAIT DU SPORT,” Kodak 1919 and 1920 edgecodes, no closing footage or credits.

Plot synopsis: Bill is seen gawking at bathing beauties on the beach by his angry fiancée. She, meanwhile almost drowns and is rescued by a stranger. A crowd gathers as Bill feels bad that he didn't have the energy to save her. A mysterious man approaches Bill with his card: 'Plus d'Obeses' a 'Wayless Sanitarium.' Bill decides to go there where he can't get away from the amorous dark-haired Rita, who can't keep her hands off the male clientele. Bill hitches a ride while out jogging, gets burned in a steam bath, and knocked out boxing all in an attempt to lose weight. His fiancée happens to stop by as Rita again is trying to put the moves on Bill; he has a lot of explaining to do.
Identified but not edited by the NFIG here: "The Jelly Fish" from 1918
Tark Devon, 09.08.2015

The bald comic is William "Smiling Billy " Parsons, and the fellow in the suit with him on the beach is Max Davidson.

richard roberts, 27.11.2012
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