id: Unidentified Film No. 267
director: Unknown
year: 1913
country: Germany
alternative titles: Aschenbrödel
Cinderella in the kitchen. Stepmother with her daughters in sumptuous attire [frame scan 1]. A party in the royal court [frame scan 2]. Cinderella prays at a wooden cross. A beautiful dress is thrown down to her from the heavens [frame scan 3]. A court ball. Cinderella dances with the prince. Cinderella in the kitchen with the pigeons [frame scan 4]. Cinderella flees from the ball, leaving a shoe behind. The prince comes with the shoe to the stepmother and her daughters. The shoe doesn't fit any of them. The prince with Cinderella in the kitchen. He tries the shoe on her: it fits! [frame scan 5] He takes her on the back of his horse to the castle. A church wedding [frame scan 6]. End credits: The "Fita-Film" logo. Therefore, this is part of a shortened version or alternatively a compilation intended for home viewing.
Jeanpaul Goergen, Deutsche Kinemathek, 24.03.2011
Length: 66m
Format: 35m,, 1.33:1
Picture/Sound: coloured, silent
Notes: Yellow tint; No main title or intertitles
The main actress could be Dorothy Phillips, if so the film should be "Aschenbrödel" from 1916 with Joseph W. Girard and Joseph Granby.
Thomas Städeli, 03.01.2012
The company FITA FILM has produced several short fairytale films for children. Together with the BING company for toys (based in Nuremberg) they have produced sort of home cinema kits for children like displayed in the Nuremberg toy museum:
The company FITA FILM itself was based in Dresden and founded by the camera pioneer Heinrich Ernemann.
See also the links:
Andreas Krinke, 03.08.2012
I have this film in my collection. It looks to be complete and comes in it's original carboard 'FITA Films' box.
The tint of the film seems to be more 'brown' then Yello.
Erwin Geeraerts, 09.03.2016
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